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atheists want this cross removed from the 9/11 memorial. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a great wednesday. latest on the debt deal in a moment. mayor of kandahar is dead and assassinated overnight by a bomber. taliban claiming responsibilities. the attacker detonated explosives hidden in his turbin. he is the latest top ranking official killed in afghanistan. two week ago, hamid karzai's half brother was gunned down in his home. meantime, the state department warning the killing of usama bin laden could increase the terror threat to americans around the world. that's why officials are reiterating the warning today. the initial alert was set to expire next week. the warning describes ongoing attacks by al-qaida including suicide attacks, assassinations,
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kidnappings and hijackings. a law me want to help september 11th first responders with health coverage will not apply to people with cancer? a new government study says there's an insufficient link between toxins at ground zero and documented cancer cases. but that is not sitting well with many. >> i've been to 53 funerals. 51 are because the person died of cancer. >> the government will do another study on cancer cases next year. an update on the mother convicted of killing her 4-year-old son because she was jaywalking with him when he was hit by a car. a judge in georgia gave her a choice yesterday, 12 months probation or a new trial. the driver who killed her son not only admitted to drinking, he was convicted of two hit-and-runs before. so what fate raquel nelson choose? she'll be our guest this morning.
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we'll ask her that question. >> that's quite a case. >> you do your test and you hand it in and you feel you did good but you don't know how you did. john boehner drew up his bill and handed it to the cbo. how did he do? >> they promised it would cut $1.2 trillion in immediate cuts over the next couple of years. the cbo got out the red pen and said you're off, it only cuts $850 billion. not a trillion. but there's a reason for it. apparently, the speaker's office and the house republicans were working on the january numbers and remember, the president and mr. boehner were able to extract $122 billion worth of budget cuts from the budget back in january. so they were working with some old numbers. nonetheless, the speaker is going back and he's going to find some more things. >> was it because the numbers came back lower than expected or they didn't actually have the votes? >> didn't have the votes. >> pretty clearly that the -- most conservative members in the
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house on the republican side had pretty much come together and said we don't have the votes plus it looked as if no democrats in the house were going to work for that bill as well. here are the two choices. they either can lower the debt ceiling in this rewrite. in other words, to compensate for the lower ant of savings that they would get at only $850 billion or they can increase the number of cuts. i mean, these are the two choices. nonetheless, this is still the only plan, folks, that's been actually written down and actually attempted to go to a vote. >> in reality, i think this is great. you hand something in and you think it's $1.2 trillion. it turns out it's only $850 billi billion. you got to redo it to get to these numbers and you have to offer to the rest of the republican dominated house. they could say i don't want this. club for growth says you shouldn't do this. heritage foundation says don't vote for this. that's fine. john boehner has a choice. do i go to democrats and make this bill more liberal so they like it or go to the republicans and make it more conservative so they like it in a very short
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amount of time. that's going to be the tactic that's played. meanwhile, in the senate, harry reid is like i got a pretty good bill but he's a little scared to give it to the cbo, too, because they're going to destroy his numbers. >> they'll wait for the boehner bill to go through which they've done and wait to see what happens in the house. meanwhile, it's interesting, house republicans were trying to motivate. remember, so far, boehner has about a dozen defections. they ran a clip from the town that ben afleck movie, watch the clip and we'll tell you what happened. >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later and we're going to hurt some people. >> which car we gonna take? >> wait, i'm confused. in the meeting, they played that clip. to motivate themselves? >> i'm motivated. i don't know what it means. >> you're not the only one. after they ran that clip of "the town" allen west said i'm ready to drive the car and, in fact,
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allen west is one of the tea party republicans who said that he is on board. apparently -- >> i don't like the line that we're gonna hurt somebody. >> the thing is on a personal note, it was a time in my life where i needed motivation and we reached back to where many people have before and i played one certain clip, does everyone know what that clip was? >> from "rocky." >> "animal house" that inspirational message mixing the japanese with the germans. that motivated me. if this generation of politicians needs an unheard of ben afleck movie, go to it. >> allen west said during his army days, the smartest ones who took a 75% plan and executed it 100%. what he says is the boehner bill only gets about 75% there but he's on board. >> meantime, the president made it clear yesterday, not so clear in the first press release that came out that he's going to veto this boehner bill in any shape
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or form, that's what he said yesterday. it initially looked like there might be some wiggle room in that. the statement was not emphatic. then after some questioning by reporters, the white house did come out and say nope, we're gonna veto anything that comes from john boehner. sarah palin reacted to that on greta's show last night. >> he doesn't understand that we have a spending problem in this country. and, you know, back in the day we used to hear that, hey, it's the economy, stupid. well, now, simply put, it's the spending, stupid. what's going on now with our bloated, overreaching, fat, nauseating spend from federal government? taking more state and individual control from americans. >> charles krauthammer has a little bit more of a practical approach and tends to be conservetive. i don't know if you followed his career. he said this boehner plan, before it's getting massaged or moved or amended is the best republicans can hope for. he says let's look at allen.
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you only control -- republicans only control one chamber. so you can't pretend if you have the gavel and you have the white house. so you got to be somewhat practical. he used the term "suicidal" to knock back boehner here. >> exactly right. meanwhile, we got a new member of the fox family. ed henry came over from one of those other channels down the dial, yesterday was his first day in the white house press briefing room and he asked jay carney a great question regarding the president's primetime address the night before. what was the point of that? listen to this exchange. >> if you basically have this boehner plan, that you say can't get through the senate and you've got the plan that the republicans don't think you can get through the senate or the house and saying we want to compromise, what was the point of giving a primetime address to the nation without an obama plan and say neither of these other plans can work. i understand the idea that there is not an obama plan. it is like plain number one. it's point number one on the talking points issue by the
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republican party. i get it. ok? au not a talking point. show us the plan. >> we have said, the president puts forward in detail his principles at george washington university. explained a lot of details. the president stood before you, i can't remember if you were here friday night. some of you weren't because you cut out early. a lot of you were. he put forward in detail with numbers what he's willing to do. he referred from the podium the fact that white house officials would be briefing in detail. >> it's a logical question. because the president is not going to put anything on paper. that's ultimately clear right now. and the second part of the question is why did he then ask for primetime coverage to deliver a political speech and give no plan? that's a legitimate question. yesterday, we asked that of his economic advisor. five hours before that particular press conference, we asked him what was new in that speech and he could not answer that question. >> well, dr. charles krauthammer
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says the question was fair and mr. carney, out of line. listen. >> the obama administration just that jay carney remark tells you how detached from reality they are. here's henry asking a perfectly logical question. you asked for time on national tv. you do that when you're launching an invasion or the cuban missile crisis and then what do you do? you give a campaign speech and you don't offer a plan and carney's response is that's a political attack. it's a talking point. it's a logical question. >> and i think with the -- what he was not prepared for, just my opinion after watching the whole thing, all of the reporters started picking up on ed henry's question so he couldn't shake it and he was trying to marginalize ed henry and he couldn't do it. everybody is saying how do we move this debate forward and say that the president has a plan. he says part of the leadership
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is not having a plan. >> what's going to happen? are they going to come to some sort of agreement before the deadline? i heard last night on nbc, kelly o'donnell had a report that they could be talking about at the last 11th hour a 30-day extension. we could be doing this all over again at the end of august. >> and the other thing to keep in mind, too, this still might be the sentiment for the grand plan. >> that's right. >> john boehner could have walked away because they took $800 billion in tax reform that could be revenue increases and he was ready to do -- sign off on that and pitch it to his people, to the republicans and then the president came in, i need $400 billion worth of cuts and boehner ends up leaving. >> the republicans in the house don't like the current boehner plan, they're really not going to like that one. >> i wouldn't be so sure. >> we know -- >> we don't know anything at this point. but we do know that the countdown is on. six days left before this supposed debt ceiling deadline. coming up on our show, on live tv, anything goes. just ask this reporter. >> as well as the owner of this
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home apparently outside. hey! hey! >> i'm getting -- >> hey! >> whoa! why an angry viewer attacked. >> first, dick morris says the president only made the debt talks worse. he used to have clinton's ears so we want to know what would he tell president obama to do next? mr. fallon, come in. >> it is on cnn, tim pawlenty accused president obama of hiding in the basement during debt ceiling talks while joe biden accused president obama of locking him in the basement during debt ceiling talks. almost tastes like one of jack's als. fiber one. h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, ts is pretty good.
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he was all like "oh no, i cannot do investing." next thing you know he's got a stunning portfolio. shhhh, you're welcome. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. >> all right. glad you're up. the debt ceiling deadline quickly approaching.
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we're less than one week away from possible default. so how will washington come together on a solution before tuesday's deadline? will they at all? former advisor to president bill clinton and author of "revolt" dick morris now joins us. dick, i know you have a lot to say about this and how this is all playing out. first off, as for the president, is this drama working for him? >> no. no, it's working against him. ultimately, whenever washington is a mess, it's the president that gets blamed for it. now, of course, republicans in congress get blamed for it, too, but they're not running for president. boehner is not a candidate for the presidency. so boehner and reid and obama sink together on this. and the difference between now and 1996 was in 1996, bob dole was running for president. the leader of the congress was the candidate against bill clinton and therefore, when congress fell, the republicans
3:16 am
fortun fortunes and the presidential race fell. here the probable nominees, people like romney, perry and even bachmann who's there but not in a leadership role are not representing the congress. boehner and reid are. therefore, i think this is hurting everybody in washington and that includes obama. >> dick, i have to tell you, you've seen the polls, you actually authored a lot of these polls that show the american people blame the republicans more than the president for the current deadlock and if the ceiling doesn't get raised. how do you play that out, if you're a republican? >> well, first of all, it's -- the republican party as a whole, the leadership in congress and the republican majority in congress taken as a unit will receive some negatives from this. so will the president. but that's not what the balance says in 2012. the ballot has obama on it and the name of the individual republican congressmen seeking
3:17 am
re-election. most voters will support the republican congressmen for standing firm against tax increases for demanding bigger spending cuts and for holding the debt limit hostage for that. they will tend to support that position. when you look at the overall posture of the party and the leadership and so on, they're perceived as part of the squabbling. this is the old thing in washington. the leader takes it on the chin for his members. and i think that probably what the house needs to do and i think it will do is support the boehner plan as long as boehner's cuts exceed the increase in the debt limit. he screwed that up a little bit and the cbo brought him up short. now he's probably going to adjust that. but i think all of the other things that the republicans want in this package, the balanced budget amendment, the cap on future spending are all good and important, but i think they're essentially window dressing, the most important thing is the cuts exceed the borrowing.
3:18 am
>> all right. dick, stay right there. we have more to talk to you about as we talk more about the debt crisis and the far reaching ramifications. and he'll stick around to talk about that will dick morris. they also say that president obama is so far to the left that he needs a primary challenge. we talked about a republican challenge but what about a challenge to president obama's left? we'll get more with dick morris. then atheists want to ban the cross made of steel from ground zero. can that possibly be the case? could they possibly win this argument? we're gonna report. you decide.
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>> the military flag at walter reed medical center in washington, d.c. will be retired later on today. the hospital will start moving patients to a new facility in nearby bethesda, maryland, as it shuts its doors for good this week. walter reed which has treated presidents and soldiers was ordered closed because of the age of the buildings. and a florida judge is denying bail for a young muslim cleric accused of helping fund the taliban. he's been charged along with his father and brother with trying to provide material support to the taliban. he has pleaded not guilty. and that's the news. >> all right. president obama already announced his plans for the re-election in 2012, as you know, but some on the left are saying not so fast, gretchen. >> they are? well, senator bernie sanders
3:23 am
floating the idea of a primary challenge to the president? >> of americans were deeply disappointed in the president. i think one of the reasons the president has been able to move so far to the right is that there is no primary opposition to him. and i think it would do this country a good deal of service if people started thinking about candidates out there to begin contrasting what is a progressive agenda as opposed to what obama is -- is doing. >> so is that a real possibility? will someone step up to take on the president? dick morris is back to respond. it's interesting because after bernie sanders said that, then we had the president's press conference the other night where he came out and he was still sounding pretty progressive asking for all the tax hikes in this debt plan. >> well, i think that sanders' press statement was designed to try to move the president to the left. in this whole debt discussion. and it was kind of a pressure tactic.
3:24 am
but, you know, at some point, there's some chance that the left just decides enough is enough. guantanamo is open. we're still in iran. we're only gradually pulling down forces from afghanistan. the unemployment rate is terrible. the -- they didn't get their single pair. i've always said from the beginning that i think it's very possible that they would be a primary challenge to obama. >> well, that would probably be some have speculated russ feingold or dennis kucinich who is going to be redistricted out of the fray. would you consider those legitimate challenges? >> i think any challenge to obama from the left would be legitimate because the legitimacy doesn't have to spring from the challenger. it springs from the challengee. in other words, obama will be moving to the right or trying to accommodate the republicans and that will provide fodder for left wing challenge so yeah, i think it would be very serious problem for obama. >> let's see what happens with
3:25 am
this whole debt discussion but there's still a lot of people in this country that think obama is too far to the left. let me talk to you about this poll. when you look at approval ratings and compare president clinton and president obama in budget battles, president clinton remains relatively high in november of 1995. the president currently obama is at 43% job approval. what do you make of that? >> well, they had such totally different approaches to this. president clinton staked out a clear position, a plan. in fact, his plan was rejected by the senate 99-0. but he stuck with it. and he insisted that this was the right thing to do and he got his way. obama is trying to be a deal maker and finesse things and have it all come together. and ultimately, if it works, it will help them. if it doesn't work, it won't help them. and this is not a zero sum game between obama and boehner, one goes up and the other goes down, they basically both go down together or go up together. if this thing works, washington
3:26 am
works, it will help obama. if this thing doesn't work, washington doesn't work, it will hurt obama. and that will be the reality in the fall elections. >> all right. dick morris, next time you're back here, we'll be talking about the deal being done, perhaps, because it will be by august 2nd. thanks so much for joining us. >> wouldn't bet on it. >> really? ok, i'm hoping anyway. >> i agree with you. we'll see who is right next week. >> i need that ceiling raised. thanks, dick. an nbc host comparing tea partiers to drug junkies? >> anybody that thinks the tea party exists is smoking crack cocaine in america. >> that was just the beginning. >> then, can't find a job? that's because they're going to china. why good, old american companies like general electric are hiring outside of the country. stuart varney up next with that story. >> why is he taking g.e. out of the country? he's the jobs czar. happy birthday to alex
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>> time for the shot of the morning now and what appears to be the worst call in baseball this year. >> ground ball. alvarez coming home. and it's not in time! he's called safe and the braves win the game! >> the game lasted 19 innings and that's the way it ended between the braves and pirates. here, here, the pirates were absolutely robbed. no pun intended. show the runner clearly being tagged out. stuart varney is beside himself. he doesn't even understand baseball. the longest game in braves history but it was a longer night for the pirates who lost 4-3. 19 innings and it ends like that. that's why you should put replay into baseball. perhaps two or three separate -- two time-outs a game. >> he's out by a mile. >> it's not even close. it's called, listen, i gotta get out of here. i only get paid for a nine inning game and i'm not staying for 20. >> he's out.
3:32 am
>> do they have to continue the series? the braves and the pirates. or was that the last game of the series? >> that's a good question. i haven't committed the pirates schedule to memory yet. >> we'll figure out if they have to face each other again. >> ok. >> checking. >> coming up in three minutes, stuart varney brings up a good point and let's debate the designated hitter rule for the american and national league and joining us now to discuss this, tim mccarver. let's bring in tim mccarver and stuart varney. should there be a d.h. in baseball? >> cricket next. >> fantastic. what we're hearing right now. >> and pitchers shouldn't have to hit either. to the stories making headlines at 6:30 a.m. in the east coast, a symbol of hope that remains standing in the rubble. but a group of atheists don't want the cross displayed at the 9/11 memorial and museum. they are suing claiming it shouldn't be used, the cross was lowered into the museum this weekend. >> meanwhile, the race already on for congressman david wu's
3:33 am
seat. the oregon democrat announced he will resign over a sex scandal with an 18-year-old girl. but he won't call it quits until after he votes on the debt debate. a special election will be held, two democrats already entered the race but the g.o.p. says a republican could win because wu pictured there as tony the tiger, narrowly won re-election. there he is wearing that tiger costume that he e-mailed to people. that could turn democratic voters away. >> that costume? not great! >> thanks, tony. >> another insult for the families of the 270 people killed in the lockerbie bombing. abdelbaset ali al-megrahi, the libyan terrorist accused of blowing up pan am flight 103 appeared on tv last night at a pro qaddafi rally. he was allegedly dying of cancer, that's why he was freed, that was two years ago. sadly, he is not dead and served
3:34 am
only seven years of the 27 year sentence. how could we not mistakenly bomb his house? we've been bombing in tripoli for a while. committee can't target him. >> a reporter is attacked on television during a live report. watch this. >> as well as the owner of this home, apparently outside. hey! hey! hey, guys, i'm getting -- hey! >> reporter chris o'connell and video journalist dave edwards from our fox affiliate in philly were outside the home of a man charged with animal cruelty. the man's son lunged at them. they even finished their live report as you can see right there. >> you never know what's going to happen when you're doing a live report. you never know what's going to happen with the weather. >> in the summer, it's going to be hot. you're going to have some storms and it's going to be rainy and we have storm damage in massachusetts right there as you can see and some of the -- you got to pick up some of the pizzas today. residents reported seeing a
3:35 am
microburst, power lines brought down as well. power outages flooded streets and all sorts of trouble as they pick up the pieces up in wilburham, massachusetts on this wednesday morning. let's take a look at the map and find out where it is raining at this hour. we got some heavy thunderstorms right now moving through portions of minnesota into wisconsin and portions of michigan as well. widely scattered showers overnight through portions of dix dixieland down through florida and lingering shower activity through portions of new england. that's part of the storm that moved through massachusetts. meanwhile, the current temperatures, it's already hot across the central plain states. 85 in kansas city. about the same for dallas/ft. worth. we have 70's in the mid atlantic and 60's in portions of new england. later on today, they will return to a temperature above 100 degrees. for, i think, the 26th day in a row in dallas. that's a record. meanwhile, they should hit the century mark in kansas city and san antonio as well. a little north of that in
3:36 am
phoenix, arizona and a little bit south of that in atlanta. that's the travelcast. >> you probably don't watch much of the other news channels. who can blame you? if you did, you might have picked up this little exchange. this guy's name is jimmy williams. he's a democrat and he's a commentator. and he has a view on the tea party with, let us say, is relatively unique. listen. >> tea party does not -- anybody that thinks the tea party exists is smoking crack cocaine in america. it's nothing more than the far right wing of the republican party and they're wagging the dog's tail right now. >> interesting because i think there are a lot of independents who kind of consider themselves part of the tea party as well. anyway, christine o'donnell, she was part of the tea party. she was running for senate in the state of delaware. she's going to be our guest. she lost that election but she'll be our guest coming up in 45 minutes. >> yeah, and i don't believe she's smoking crack. i'm going against jimmy williams' conclusion. >> sorry, jimmy. >> the u.s. economy is
3:37 am
struggling, many u.s. companies are actually making big profits overseas. and stu varney says they're not coming back because of the taxes here and the regulation. so is that where all the jobs are, stu? >> well, look, the best profits in four years? going to go all the way back since before the great recession to find a more profitable year for the big name american corporations? they are coining it. you got big names like caterpillar, honeywell and last night, amazon, massive profits. and here's the problem. more than half of all the money they're making was made overseas. for every dollar in profit that apple makes, $0.62 was made overseas. now, why's that? because that's where the growth is. the american economy is dead flat, very weak, no growth here. not much profitability so why aren't they bringing back that money to come back to america? well, because we've got a very slow growth economy here. and we tax them that money that comes back. if it comes back, we tax them at
3:38 am
the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. so it doesn't come back. >> that's the risk, when the president comes out and says corporations have to pay their fair share, ok, fine. what they do, corporations do, though, is they'll go somewhere elsewhere they feel as though the tax system is fairer and that's how they're going to keep their profits because they're in the business of making money. >> i'll give you the example of general electric. they just announced they're moving their x-ray division, very big division actually. moving it out of wisconsin, it's going to beijing. and they're going to hire, i think, it's 125 people in beijing. meanwhile, jeff imelt, the c.e.o. of g.e., he sits on the president's council for job creation and efficiency. > > >> incredible! what's going on here? you're on my council but taking jobs to china. >> especially with all the green industry jobs that general electric has gotten from this
3:39 am
administration as they force feed their agenda. >> yes, it makes no sense, does it? >> well, you know, they might say look, we're going to china because that's where the labor is cheaper. >> that's where the jobs are -- i'm sorry, that's where the growth is. now, this is the x-ray division. this is high-tech. this is symbolic of the movement. even high-tech jobs out of america to china. that is a stunning thing especially from g.e. whose chairman sits on the president's council of job creation and innovation. >> no doubt you'll be talking about that on varney & company at 9:20 a.m. on fox business. i'll join you for the first hour. >> and the designated hitter rule, we'll get into that? it was a disaster for baseball. should never have happened. >> interesting, jack of all trades. >> ain't i just, baby? call me jack. >> all right, jack varney. see you later. he promised a prayer that no one would forget. >> lord, i want to thank you for my smoking hot wife! >> now, that pastor, is he taking some heat? some people think he made a joke out of god.
3:40 am
oh, come on. his reaction when he joins us live. what wife wouldn't want to hear that? >> then, the shocker of the morning, chris matthews and dana perino agree on something involving president obama? and it's not flattering. dana here next. 
3:41 am
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>> welcome back, everyone, the president's primetime address monday night intended to sway public opinion for raising the debt ceiling. but the president may have failed. his speech actually criticized by some of his most well known supporters. >> asked for time in primetime to go on national television, usually presidents only ask for that when she want to make an announcement to make news, as you putted it. in fact, he openly stated this is a debate that he's engaged in. not a newsmaking event.
3:44 am
>> i think both sides blew it in terms of format tonight. president shouldn't have gone on national television to give a political address and i don't think the opposition did much in matching it. >> so was the president's debt speech a failure? here to weigh in, former white house press secretary and co-host of "the five" dana perino. what did you make of that when you heard chris matthews who is always a supporter of president obama say that? >> it reminded me that chris has also had experience working in a white house and sometimes it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on, if you have been behind the trenches, you look and you kind of know when you use the east room address and when you might use the diplomatic reception room, maybe just use the rose garden. those locations mattered but in addition, chris' point is you have to have something to say and in an address like, that you either want to lay out a policy because, for example, president bush when i was there in may of 2007 gave the first oval office address on a domestic policy issue and it was on immigration and it was a well thought out
3:45 am
speech. when i first heard that president obama was going to do a policy speech, an address to the nation, asking the networks to pre-empt primetime coverage, i thought they must have a deal. >> that's exactly what i thought or he was going to announce his plans. in my mind, it was one of the two things that he was going to come forward. so are there rules? are there any kind of rules that you have to follow in order to do this? >> you know, not really. i think there are some traditions and this -- this white house has blazed a lot of new trails and it will be up to whichever president comes, whenever that is. in the future, whether or not they want to go back to more of the traditional use of the areas and the time. i did think that it also hurt president obama that he hadn't taken questions from the press from march until just in the last couple of weeks. and then three times in a row, he took questions from the white house briefing room podium. and i thought, you know, jay carney must want to kick him out of there. that's his room. >> jay carney was there yesterday. maybe he didn't want to be. because this is what happened.
3:46 am
>> what was the point of giving a primetime address to the nation without an obama plan? >> why not just release that plan? >> it's not a plan. >> it was details of the plan but it wasn't a plan the same way we're getting a plan on the house side or that we're getting a plan on the republican side. >> we don't know what the medicare thing is. >> there wasn't. there was a lot -- >> he talked in great detail about what's in medicare and you know. >> why not put it out there? >> initially ed henry who is new to fox asked the question, why did he have this primetime address without a plan? what's interesting is the other reporters asked the same question. jay carney originally tried to make it like it was a fox question. >> which is funny to me. ed henry is a long established fantastic reporter in washington. he had been a print reporter. he had worked for another network. when i was press secretary, he sat over there and he worked for that network. it's -- he is solid. and they know communications at the white house. they all know, it's obvious that you don't go and give an east
3:47 am
room national televised address in primetime and not say anything except i hope you call your congressman? even to them, it doesn't make any sense plus you and i know if you're doing a negotiation and you were maybe trying to sell a house, you would want the piece of paper to look at it and make sure everything was fine. the fact that the white house is trying to get away with saying they don't need to put out a plan but they can just undermine everybody else's and throw their own majority leader, senator reid under the bus is perplexing to reporters and i'm glad that they finally started asking some tougher questions. >> exactly. so where do you see this going now that you've had an inside look from inside the white house in a prior administration? what's going to happen? >> i've given this some thought. i'm glad i'm not there. i can imagine that the pressure on all sides including in the speaker's office and the majority leader's office is very, very intense. i don't know where it's going. i know i'm going to cheyenne frontier days. >> you're escaping to wyoming.
3:48 am
>> what do you make of the fact that the boehner plan needs to be readjusted? do you think it will be readjusted to suit the conservatives or the democrats? >> i think probably the conservatives. the conservatives are the ones that have driven this debate in the absence of president obama having a concrete plan, it's allowed the ground to be seeded to the republicans. instead of not doing anything, they've put forward a plan. it has to be adjusted. they can adjust it and move forward. right now, the only train leaving the station is the boehner plan. when president obama spoke the other night, he talked about tax hikes. tax hikes aren't in either bill, senator reid's or boehner's. i don't know where it goes. >> let's say this boehner bill goes to the house and it has to go to the senate. they'll make adjustments and has to go back to the house and then it would go to the president's desk. he says unequivocably he's going to veto this. would he have to do that on the final day? >> interesting thing about that, too, last night. they did a veto threat from the white house that a lot of
3:49 am
reporters read to have a little bit of wiggle room. then about four hours later, they put out a statement clarifying the veto statement saying there wasn't any wiggle room. when you do a veto statement, it's very clear. i will veto the bill if x, y, z, no wiggle room. if you're explaining your veto threat, you are mushy in your language and i think they did give themselves some space because they don't want to default. they have the tools to prevent default. i think the boehner plan eventually with some tweaks gets passed and republicans would be smart not to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory here. >> very good insight from dana perino, former white house spokesperson. have fun in cheyenne frontier days. wish i was going out there. giddy up! see you later. you can catch dana on "the five" not the rest of this week but next week and forthcoming. coming up on our show, while we watch washington play games with the debt, you can't help but wonder what does it mean for your bank account or 401k? dave ramsey is here to answer
3:50 am
your question. it was nancy pelosi who promised to drain the swamp. remember that? but congressman wu is allowed to stay until the debt debacle is worked out. does that seem hypocritical? do they need that vote? we report, you decide. >> we've got a flood. this is where the rubber hits the road, the nose breaks the grindstone, and the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> quick headlines now, the hotel maid accused of the -- accusing the former head of the international monetary fund of sexual assault is meeting with prosecutors today. she is trying to revive her case against dominique strauss-khan and prove she's not a money hungry opportunist and on an
3:54 am
unrelated note, dunkin donuts stock going public. the company plans to move in on starbucks turf opening up a slew which means a lot of franchises on the west coast. dunkin donuts makes most of its money selling coffee. even though their name is dunkin donuts. >> it means a lot or it means a latte. >> that's a good point. >> meanwhile, congressman david wu apparently has announced he's stepping down after being accused of sexual misconduct. now, the butt of late night jokes. >> there is a new tiger on the endangered species list. take a look. there you go! that is a united states congressman. 56-year-old oregon congressman david wu coming under fire for allegedly making unwanted advances towards a teenage girl. is that why he's dressed like a tiger? how young are these girls? where does he pick them up? chuck e. cheese? >> oh, man! what's not funny, though, is the
3:55 am
democrats' plan to allow wu to stay for a while. it's interesting, he announced yep, i did something really bad. yep, it involved the daughter of a long time donor. yeah, i've got a history with the tiger suit and everything else. but i'm going to quit as soon as i vote on the debt deal because the democrats need his vote against boehner. >> maybe, i don't know if his vote is going to really mean much in the big scheme of things but the symbolism, can make a great stand today and say i want him gone. >> she could. >> you know? >> well, apparently, there was some heated pressure. remember, we had james clyburn on the show a couple of days ago, a south carolina democrat -- high ranking one and we asked him the question about whether or not nancy pelosi would live up to that drain the swamp claim when it came to congressman wu, he said he wanted to meet with wu to discuss his side of the story. apparently, the pressure came in the last 24 hours for him to say sianara, bye-bye. >> speaking of drain the swamp,
3:56 am
charlie rangel, still on the job. maxine watters has three ethics violations. it's extraordinary. she's waiting for her day in court. you have anthony weiner and, they're looking into his claims. and then you're looking at his -- >> it's his birthday and everybody knows you have tickle fights on your birthday. >> some republicans have had to resign as well. coming up on the show, lower than low. a man uses a wheelchair for sympathy to rob a bank. details at the top of the hour. >> then the tea party shot her into the national spotlight. what does christine o'donnell think about nbc calling the tea party people a bunch of drug junkies? huh? good question. k9 advantix ii.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. you made it to the middle of the week. it's wednesday, july 27th. thank you for sharing your time. g.o.p. goes back to the drawing board. house speaker john boehner reworking his debt ceiling bill now. he wants to turn more. will that turn republican votes from nay to yea in the house? >> sarah palin says president obama does not know what he is doing. >> back in the day, we used to hear that, hey, it's the economy, stupid. now, simply put, it's the spending, stupid. >> and now, new details emerging about how the president is acting behind the scenes. >> huh? >> fly on the wall. meanwhile, it stood tall in the rubble of the fallen towers but now a group of atheists suing to have that cross removed from ground zero. have they gone too far? we're going to talk about that. "fox & friends" hour two for a wednesday. starts now.
4:01 am
>> welcome aboard, folks. people are waking up thinking please tell me they got a deal and we've got some good news! ok, we don't have any good news. there's no deal. >> in fact, it is boehner bill now is going to be changed. yep, we're talking about that debt ceiling deadline coming up next tuesday. will they get a new bill out in time for a vote tomorrow in the house? what happened was the congressional budget office, the cbo, came back and says look, this bill does not actually save $1.2 trillion. as advertised, it saves $850 billion. that made the more conservative members of the house probably even more not gonna vote on this thing so now they got to go back and rewrite it. >> just to review real quickly, this latest speaker boehner bill has two phases. one, we'll cut $1.2 trillion right away and get a commission together, all star panel and they're going to decide what's going to be cut in one year. and that's going to be one -- up to $1.8 trillion.
4:02 am
so how would that go if that was as it looks on its face, if those numbers were true, they would not have the votes reportedly in the house to pass it. and then a double whammy, the cbo says it's only going to be $150 billion as gretchen mentioned so what they're doing and i think it's an honest approach is saying, listen, i don't know how you did your numbers. we're going to refigure hours and get it up to that. then they'll have a problem. how do we win over conservative groups and conservative congressmen, freshmen congressmen, republicans to this revised bill to $1.2 trillion? if you can't get republicans, are you going to turn to steny hoyer and nancy pelosi say get me some democrats. they'll turn around and say make this more liberal. >> steny hoyer, in fact, is quoted in the papers as saying there's probably going to be some democrats that vote for it but they'll wait until the house republicans give it a majority. meanwhile, speaking of house republicans, there are a number of them who are not behind the boehner bill. in particular, jim jordan, the
4:03 am
powerful republican from ohio, he says that the republicans do not have 218 votes. and his problem is that too little government control over the spending. also, club for growth doesn't like it. the heritage action is against it and more than a dozen house republicans so far but on the other side for it, you have the u.s. chamber of commerce and you have grover norquist group, you have allen west and paul ryan has said he's not behind it. >> president obama said he'd veto anything called boehner. here's palin on that. >> he doesn't understand that we have a spending problem in this country. and, you know, back in the day we used to hear that hey, it's the economy stupid. well, now simply put it's the spending, stupid. what's going on now with our bloated, overreaching, fat,
4:04 am
nauseating spend from federal government? taking more state and individual control from americans. >> wow, so that's the view from sarah palin who may or may not be a candidate shortly and certainly gets a lot of attention. but i understand, too, the insider story is the president leaning on mitch mcconnell to lean on john boehner to come together with harry reid because believe it or not, there are some similarities between harry reid's plan and john boehner plan and i look back at conservatives like charles krauthammer who said, look, republicans, i don't care what you believe, there's a thing called practicality. and it would be suicidal to walk away from this deal which, by the way, the president has not accepted yet but walk away from this deal as currently constituted because it doesn't have anything because you don't have anything. >> so there are the three party talks actually going on behind the scenes where you've got mcconnell, you've got reid and you've also got mr. boehner and they're talking together and they were close -- they were that close to a deal. harry reid had signed on board and said ok, i'm going to take it to the president. i like it.
4:05 am
and the president turned around and said sorry, harry, it's a short-term deal. that flies in the face of this narrative that the mainstream media has created saying that barack obama is the only adult in the room. well, eric cantor sat down with greta last night and talked a little bit about what's going on behind the scenes. >> when john boehner and i were at the white house, the president turned to us and he said, you know, he said to me, eric, don't call my bluff. and it was in sfons to a suggestion that i had made which said, look, mr. president, we're so far apart on these figures. you want to raise taxes in order to facilitate spending cuts. we want to cut. we want to stop the spending. that's the real problem here. because we're so far apart, can you consider coming off your insistence that we extend the credit limit of the country beyond the election? what does that have to do with the fiscal health of the country that we're trying to address so we can get people back to work? that's when he really got agitated and upset and saying that he was going to take it to the american people and don't
4:06 am
call his bluff. >> he's had a total lack of leadership on this issue. he pounds the table. he gets angry at press conferences and thinks he's making an impact and showing leadership and he's doing everything but that, unfortunately. >> one of the things that people thought when the president said he was calling this primetime press conference the other night is that he was going to either announce that a deal had been made or actually he had a plan that he was going to present to the american public. it would seem that it would have to be that important, right? well, instead, as we know now, it was more of the same message that he had given a few days earlier and yesterday, when jay carney, his spokesperson had to take questions from the new fox member of our team, ed mhenry, here's what happened. watch this. >> you basically have this boehner plan that you say can't go through the senate and you have to replan, the republicans don't think you get through the senate or the house. you're saying you want to cut it, what's the point of giving a primetime address to the nation without an obama plan and say
4:07 am
none of these other plans will work. >> i know the irony that obama plan is point number one on the talking points issue by the republican party. i get it. ok? >> it's not a talking point. show us the plan. it's not a talking point. that's unfair. >> first of all, the president put forward in detail his principles at george washington university and the president stood before you, i can't remember if you were here friday night. some you weren't because you cut out early. a lot of you were. he put forward in detail with numbers what he's willing to do. he then referred from the podium to the fact that white house officials will be briefing in detail. >> yeah, he's really making a lot of friends with the white house press corps. what the president did do with that primetime speech the other night is he asked people to call their congressman and yesterday, we reported that so many people were contacting the offices of the speaker and various republicans clearly that message was heard. well, now, we're understanding that apparently 40,000 people
4:08 am
were calling per hour which is about double the normal rate and they weren't saying hey, you got to cave. you got to compromise. some were saying compromise, many were saying stand firm. and a lot of people simply wanted to know whether or not grandma's social security check was going to go through the mail. so the president was very effective in rallying people to call but, perhaps, not everybody wanted to give that message that the president wanted to extend the night before. >> now the rest of your headlines for a wednesday. big development overnight. the mayor of kandahar who is dead, assassinated by a homicide bomber, the taliban claiming responsibility. the attacker apparently detonated explosives hidden in his turban at the mayor's office. he is the latest top ranking official killed in afghanistan. he was considered a possible replacement for hamid karzai's half brother who, by the way, was gunned down two weeks ago as well in his home. the state department warning the killing of usama bin laden could increase the terror threat to americans around the world and that's why officials are
4:09 am
reiterating that warning today. that's because the initial alert was set to expire next week. the warning describes ongoing attacks by al-qaida including suicide attacks, assassinations, kidnappings and hijacking. a law meant to help september 11th first responders with health coverage will not apply to people with cancer? a new government study says there's an insufficient link between toxins at ground zero and documented cancer cases but that report is not sitting well with many. >> i've been to 53 funerals, 51 of them were because a person died of cancer. don't tell me that cancer shouldn't be added to this bill. >> the president will do another study on cancer cases apparently next year. update on the mom convicted of killing her 4-year-old son because she was jaywalking with him when he was hit by a car. a judge in georgia gave her a choice now, 12 months probation or a new trial. the driver, though, who actually killed her son, not only admitted to drinking, he has
4:10 am
been convicted of two hit-and-runs before. so what fate will raquel nelson choose? she'll be our guest on "fox & friends" in just one hour from now. and those are your headlines. >> all right, 9 minutes after the hour. have you heard this? a commentator on another network comparing tea partiers to druggies. >> anybody that thinks the tea party exists is smoking crack cocaine in america. >> up next, christine o'donnell weighs in on the tea party and the shot that was just thrown her direction along with a look back at her days in the national spotlight as she comes back to our national couch. >> that should be good. and he promised a prayer that no one would forget. the pastor who is taking a little heat from some after thanking god for his smoking hot wife lisa! >> ♪ wild thing [ male announcer ] where'd you get that idea?
4:11 am
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4:14 am
>> time running out now to reach a debt deal before the august 2nd deadline next tuesday. now, some liberal commentators are ramping up their attacks against the tea party. watch this. >> the tea party doesn't exist. anybody that thinks the tea party exists is smoking crack cocaine in america. it's nothing more than the far right wing of the republican party and they're wagging the dog's tail right now. >> joining us now are former 2010 delaware republican u.s. senate nominee and author of the new book "troublemaker, what it takes to make america great again" christine o'donnell. good to see you again. >> thank you for having me this morning, gretchen. >> so you were part of the tea party. i suppose that you still consider yourself part of the tea party. does it exist or are all americans who believe that smoking crack cocaine? >> well, you know, what happens is when career politicians can't stand on their platform, they begin to attack the messenger.
4:15 am
the tea party is a revolution of democrats, independents and republicans who are holding the career politicians accountable for their failure of leadership and to ignoring the warning signs that our economy is about to derail. so what they're trying to do is create a distraction, again, to discredit, let's say, the boy who is saying the emperor has no clothes. and that's exactly why i started christine pac to help fight back against these attacks because as they go into the 2012 elections, they don't have a record to stand on. they're destroying the whole debt debate and making mistake after mistake, not laying out a plan. they're going to lean more on the dirty tricks they used in my campaign, that they used in this statement and that's exactly why we're here today to talk about how we're fighting back. >> we will in just a moment. i think a lot of people would believe the premise that we wouldn't be having this debt
4:16 am
discussion if it were not for the tea party and the midterm elections. i want you to listen, though, to respected columnist charles krauthammer because here's what he said about the tea party members and the fact that they may need to compromise. listen to this. >> i respect what they want to do. i share what they want to do. shrink the government. you cannot do it at the point of a gun from half of the congress. it cannot be done under our system. all of us respect the constitution. it's what defines the new conservativism. if you believe in it, if that's what you really want, then respect the constitution, understand its restraints, accept them and win the election in november. >> what do you think about that? >> well, here's the thing, for decades, we've had a budget deficit and career politicians have ignored it. they've let the runaway train head to derailment doing nothing. putting on these short term band-aids just so that they can survive the next election.
4:17 am
putting the next election ahead of the next generation. so with the tea party movement by chiming in is saying, hey, the mere fact that we're even at this point is a tragedy and a very serious problem. and they're making sure that we don't just get away with short-term fixes so that people can get re-elected so that obama can get re-elected in 2012. they're keeping the dialogue about the very real, very tragic state of our economy right now which depends not just, you know, it's not just our economic future. but it's the whole existence of our country. our national security depends on the debt and everything. >> i want to move on to the next topic because you are now asking the i.r.s. to revoke the tax exempt status for citizens of responsibility and ethics in washington, a group known as crew. i want to bring in rita
4:18 am
mitchell. welcome to you, miss mitchell. this hinges on the fact that there was a lawsuit or federal investigation into miss o'donnell's use of campaign money as far as paying personal expenses and rent and mortgage and this type of thing and this group was behind that, am i clear on that? >> you're exactly clear on that. what happened was crew and melanie sloan launched a broadside attack against christine o'donnell the morning after she won her primary and crew has followed this same pattern in many, many cases, probably christine o'donnell's race was the most egregious but the i.r.s., we are asking the i.r.s. to revoke crew's tax exempt status. they're not supposed to be involved in campaigns and they attack republicans, they attacked christine o'donnell falsely. she's been exonerated and it's time that crew be held responsible and act and -- be held to be a political organization which is what they really are. >> right, so -- >> but christine, i want to bring people up to date. that there was this federal
4:19 am
investigation. they found that you didn't do anything wrong, right? >> right. >> and what i like in their whole action, too, is imagine you don't like a candidate. so you knowingly get someone to accuse them of sexual assault or even worse, rape. to give your rape more credibility or to give your claim more credibility, you actually file that complaint with the u.s. attorney's office. now, they're obligated to investigate. that's an abuse. and meanwhile, keep in mind, you knew this was a false accusation. that's an abuse of taxpayer dollars. it's an abuse and misuse of the justice system. it's using the justice system as a political weapon so that's why we're standing up to fight back to say what you did to me was wrong. you cannot make a politically motivated claim, false claim, and get away with it. and again, as we enter into the 2012 elections, they're going to get more desperate because they have no platform, no record, no plan to stand on. so they're going to continue to resort to the politics of
4:20 am
personal destruction, abusing the justice system, and we started christine pac so we can legally fight back and stop this. someone might say, aren't you doing the same thing by filing a counter complaint? and asking the i.r.s. to revoke the status? and what i say is we're stopping this. we are justifiably filing a complaint against a very wrong action that they did indeed do and we have all the evidence posted on our web site. >> i'm running out of time but please keep us apprised as to what happens with that. thank you so much. and christine o'donnell, by the way her new memoir "troublemaker, what it takes to america great again" available next month. we'll be talking to you again. >> i look forward to it. >> no god at ground zero? atheists want this cross forged with steel from twin towers banned from the 9/11 memorial. should we remove religion so no one is offended? while washington dilly dallies
4:21 am
with politics, most people wonder what's going to happen to their retirement if this doesn't get fixed? [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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>> debt isn't the only problem for washington. according to an a.p. poll, 1 in 5 adults worry most if not all the time about their household debt. that's up 17% from november. how can you curb your debt without panicking like congress? personal finance expert dave ramsey joins us right now. dave, debt is a major problem. get a lot of calls about that, correct? >> certainly do. it's top of mind right now with all this discussion in washington and, you know, we probably ought to talk about that for just a second because there's some basic math there that i think the soundbites are
4:25 am
missing and the talking points are missing. we take in $2.6 trillion at the federal government. we spend $3.8 trillion. that leaves us in the hole $1.2 trillion. so this is like a young doctor calling me that makes $260,000 a year who is spending $280,000 a year and he wants to cut his spending by $40,000 when he's overspending by $120,000. if he called my show, i'd smack him into next week. i mean, seriously. you can't pay for your aunt's nursing home anymore. you're broke. you can't pay for everything for your kids anymore. you're broke. you can't go on vacation, buy cars that you can't afford anymore. you're broke. yes, dave. but i'm a doctor. no, darling, you're a broke doctor. and so now you're going to have to adjust your lifestyle to within your income. really, this deal isn't any harder than that. but then you involve politics and then both sides lose their minds and come out with ridiculous proposals. >> and dave, once you make that decision to do that, attack your debt whether you're a doctor or a sanitation worker, it's
4:26 am
empowering. and it can build on itself. i'm going to bring in some e-mail. terry from new hampshire says this, i have a credit card account at the bank with a balance of $18,000 and the rate is 11.99. i have closed the account and paying it down. my question is how can i successfully negotiate better terms on this debt without entering consumer credit counseling? dave? >> the biggest problem is you're dealing with bank of america. one of these mega banks that's basically lost its soul. you're not dealing with intelligent life. you're not going to be able to negotiate with them. the best thing i can tell you to do is put a whole bunch of your life on craig's list. let's get these guys paid off as fast as you can. you're probably not going to negotiate successfully with them. >> because it's bank of america. jennifer is in iowa and says this. i would love to sell my car. however, i owe more than its value. i've been fighting to keep it but it's a losing battle. should i let the bank take it back? >> well, you don't want to do
4:27 am
that. they're going to sell it for a very low price on a repo auction and sue you for the difference. you're much better off to scratch around and try to borrow or save the difference to cover the hole that you're in and then sell the car for as much as it will bring. that way you control the sale price and do a little bit of saving your credit. >> dave ramsey, find his show on the radio. he's the best there is. thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. >> ok. we move ahead as we move to the half-hour. the pastor you're about to meet promised a prayer that no one would soon forget. >> lord, i want to thank you for your my smokein hot wife! >> now, the lord, like to thank him on behalf of his smoking hot wife. he's taking the heat for making a joke out of god. his reaction when he joins us live. and we told you about the restaurant banning kids for being too loud and annoying. now, the no kids movement is spreading! plus, a bird that flies 150 miles per hour.
4:28 am
a snake that can eat a whole person. our next guest tracked down the most dangerous animals in the world. and he brought them to our studio. what is wrong with our bookers? dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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4:32 am
>> well, it's a prayer that everybody is talking about, nobody is going to soon forget about. pastor joe nelms revving up the crowd at last saturday night's nationwide race. >> lord, i want to thank you for my smoking hot wife tonight, lisa! and my two children, eli and emma or as we like to call them, the little e's. lord, i pray to bless the drivers and use them tonight, may they come on a performance worthy of this race track. in jesus' name, boogety, boogety, amen. >> the pastor has received some negative reaction for his hilarious and inspirational message. joining us right now from the church in tennessee is joe nelms. good morning to you, pastor. >> good morning. >> how is your smoking hot wife this morning? >> she's doing well. >> how did she feel about being called smoking hot? >> she was fine with it. she thinks it's wonderful said that if more men in our country
4:33 am
were thankful for their wives, we'd be in better shape. >> you know what, pastor? i am 129% behind you and i said so yesterday when i heard this. i mean, come on, even though you're a pastor and saying a prayer, we all know that marriage is much more than just being friends, right? >> yes, ma'am. that's true. i think that's the way it's supposed to be. >> of course. >> so i know this was the fourth time you'd given the prayer before a big race. had you watched talladega nights the night before and that was your divine via cable inspiration with ricky bobby and will ferrell? >> no, sir, i had not watched it. i have seen the clips of the movie and sam bass, the man that designs the gifts and guitar trophy for the race track told me after the first time i was on, he said if you ever get the opportunity, you ought to think about doing that but i never, never really thought about it until i was already up there. >> now, pastor, i could see when you close your eyes and you
4:34 am
committed a prayer to memory like the hail mary, the our father, when you close your eyes in this age of the teleprompter that i'm staring at right now, you close your eyes and had that prayer at the tip of your tongue and you knew it cold, how long did you rehearse those words and -- not only to your wife but to your children. >> believe it or not, it was unrehearsed. my wife was as surprised and as shocked as anybody. she was watching on tv with everybody else at home. and she couldn't believe what i just said. she was so surprised. >> pastor, in fact, i think i read an account, tell me if it's true or not that your kids started laughing so hard when you called your wife smoking hot that they didn't even hear you say something great about them. >> yes, ma'am, that's correct. my little girl emma was at home and my wife said she was laying on the floor laughing. and my son was with me at the track and he said daddy, i just looked up when you said that and started laughing. >> what do you say to critics who say you shouldn't be
4:35 am
saluting your smoking hot wife while talking to god directly? >> well, i have certainly faced that criticism and i'll say to them, what we were trying to accomplish that day was to reach out to a world that is lost and without christ and many of the folks at the race track that day would never have any interest in church. they think that church is only for good people and they're not allowed there. so we wanted to present to them that living for christ is fun. that being a christian is not the end of living but the beginning of living. that he wants our joy to be full so we wanted to show them how you can still have fun. >> no doubt. pastor joe nelms joining us today from pensacola, florida. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me on. >> you bet. if you don't think god has a sense of humor, make plans. >> 25 minutes now before the top of the hour. >> now the stories making headlines at 7:35, it's a symbol
4:36 am
of hope that remains standing in the rubble after terrorists attacked the twin towers but a group of atheists don't want this cross displayed at the 9/11 memorial and museum. american atheists are suing now claiming no religious symbol should be included. the cross made of two steel beams from the trade center was lowered into the museums this weekend. what do you think about that? let us know. police in phoenix looking for a wheelchair bandit? he rolled into a bank, robbed the tellers at gun point forcing the female tellers to tape up their male co-workers' hands and to everybody's surprise, he got up and ran off with 70,000 bucks. the wheelchair obviously just a prop. from child free flights to banning kids from restaurants, the no kids movement is spreading. the new article in "ad week" breaks down the growing marketing campaign targeting at childless people with money to spend. first, there was ryan air offering kid free flights and malaysian airlines banned babies from first class and now some whole foods grocery chains are offering child free shopping hours. they'll be busy.
4:37 am
and, of course, there's mcdayne's restaurant in pennsylvania that doesn't allow kids under 6. they say business has been booming ever since. >> thank you very much, grepen. -- gretchen. look at this, dangerous animals, the world's worst. when you trek across five continents you're about to encounter some dangerous creatures. watch. >> this is a back fang snake. has very tiny fangs at the rear of the mouth and he struggled to get a decent bite on me. if he did, the venom wouldn't be too serious. its main weapon is incredible speed. >> wow. and that incredible speed was not quick enough for our next guest. that's the premise for the new show on the national geographic wild show "deadly 60." wildlife expert is the host and he joins us now from some of the world's most dangerous animals from that show in particular. what are you holding, steve? >> this is the golden eagle. he's a male. he's 25 years old. and at the moment, he's just
4:38 am
been brought out here and he's so attentive, just looking around. >> the eagle as a dangerous creature? >> whole series isn't about animals that are dangerous to us. it's about animals that are dangerous in their own world. >> but a trout could easily be a deadly animal. it's deadly to the smaller ones that live in its streams. >> what's keeping that animal from pecking your eyes out? >> well, he actually has, i think, a really, really nice disposition. it's been brought up -- really has. i mean, you can see at the moment what he's most interested in is the pigeons and things that are around that are stimulus for him. he's thinking, could i eat that? >> he's eyeing that bus behind him right now. >> huge rablts, fish and reptiles, deadly for them. >> absolutely. >> the next critter, boa constrictor. quick handoff. >> i guess one of the eagles that you let go and it comes back. >> that's a big box and a big snake. >> yes, this is a big snake. it's a burmese python and at the moment, could not look more peaceful. it's just shed its skin so it
4:39 am
has this glorious luster to it. almost looks like it's been polished, doesn't it? >> is that one of the snakes that can eat a person whole or eat an animal whole? >> all snakes have to eat their prey whole because they can't take bites out of it. they physically have to eat them whole. there's no way even the largest burmese pythons could eat that one. >> can you let that child have that snake? >> you want that snake? >> you sure? >> oh, i don't think so. >> where did you find it? >> this one here has been in captivity but found through southeast asia. >> why are you convinced it won't attack you? >> it grew up in captivity. he's tasting you on the air at the moment. >> one more quick animal in the hands of the other handler is some sort of a killer -- >> dragon, yes, this is a savannah monniker lizard. >> that tongue is longer than the python. >> that's like the monkimono
4:40 am
dragon, right? >> it's in the same family. the primary sensory mechanism has come out in the open and it wants to taste what's going on in the world around it. >> who is in danger around it? >> reptiles, birds, they're an opportunist, they'll take anything they can get their teeth into. >> i see you're backing up. >> i am! >> keep going back. >> the mick jagger of the wildlife community. all right, we'll be watching "deadly 60" monday night on national geographic wild, right? >> yes. >> very good. gretch? >> hard to believe we got out after an animal segment without brian causing some havoc. >> i'm too scared to be honest. >> give that lizard a little pet. pet it on the head. coming up on the show, he's known for killing bills he doesn't like and he doesn't like either party's plan to fix the deficit. senator jim demint will be here
4:41 am
10 minutes away and a mother climbs on board a school bus to help her son. police say they broke the law. should a mother be prosecuted for protecting her child? the trivia question of the day -- [ jon ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska.
4:42 am
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is right for you. we get double miles on every purchase, so me and the boys earned a trip to dc twice as fast! oh hi! we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add fast... one more chariot please. ...we can bring the whole gang! i cannot tell a lie. he did it. right... it's hard to beat dole miles! read mlips -- no new axes! [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one, and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to what's in your wallet? so, you're a docrat right? >> couple of quick headlines for you now. nasa's shuttle program is over but not done with space travel just yet. a rocket will launch in 2013. a small piece of american history will stop mailing letters, the benjamin franklin post office in philadelphia is
4:45 am
one of the post offices slated to close because of budget cuts. the three story brick building was founded in 1775. so what would you do? you see your child on the school bus slumped over, unresponsive with kids standing over him. well, one mom ran right on to the bus. watch this. >> i could not see him in the seat. he was slumped down in the seat. i did not have visual of my son. there were children standing there that were scared saying we cannot move him. we cannot wake him. >> but now, she could end up behind bars. how is that possible? fox news analyst peter johnson jr. here to explain. peter, legally? >> boneheaded world of prosecution. we've seen it over the last two days, they want to prosecute a new bloomfield pennsylvania emergency room nurse for seeing her son apparently she thought in distress on the bus. slumped over on the bus with a bunch of kids gathered around the boy, little 5-year-old boy, and then ran on to the bus,
4:46 am
against the driver's wishes. and now after that, was prosecuted like five months from there. >> yeah. >> if my child is slumped over on the bus and the bus driver says stop, i'm not going to listen to the bus driver. i'm going to go straight ahead. how did she know it was against the law to get on the bus? >> if you ever watched the movie oliver twist, charles dickens. this is a perfect example of sometimes the law that's really stupid. and again, as we saw with raquel nelson, the woman charged with regard to the death of her child, prosecutors need to use discretion about whether to bring a charge against a woman who is engaging in maternal ex texts and saying what's wrong with my child? >> it's a third degree misdemeanor to go on a bus when a bus driver told you not to. it can come to a penalty of $2500 or a year in jail. there seems to be precedence set here. on the first day of kindergar n kindergarten, she has a picture of her husband on the bus right
4:47 am
there with his son. so does this law not apply on the first day of kindergarten? >> they were part -- both parents were part a program by which they would go on the bus and assist their child in transitioning to the bus. some kids have, you know, first day of school so they had a program there in that county that allowed parents to go on the bus. but she saw her child in distress. thank god it turned out the child was fine. the child was sleeping. she said she had some problems rousing him but he was actually roused at that point. but the prosecutor, in that county says no, no, no, we're going to prosecute because the people and this and this at dums bus company, seems appropriately named, says we're all upset about this. have we lost our mind in this country? >> the d.a. also said he asked what would happen if a sex offender wanted to board his bus to get a kid. that's his excuse. >> what happens if a sex offender wants to get his children off the bus.
4:48 am
i don't know what he's talking about. i really have no idea what he's talking about. and so this woman deserves some measure of justice today and then the prosecutor has to drop this right now. this is just silly business. >> but this show will, we'll continue to look at that, peter. because tomorrow, the mother and her attorney will join us on this show. >> all right. >> thank you. >> absolutely. thanks for bringing it to our attention. >> good to see you. >> all right. straight ahead, he's known for killing bills he doesn't like and he doesn't like either party's plan to fix the national debt. senator jim demint joins us live next. >> and the number one song on this day in 1991 was "everything i do, i do it for you" by bryan adams. it cuts like a knife. [ dave ] take any surface and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it.
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4:52 am
>> answer to the trivia question of the day, maya rudolph. the winner is steve in battle creek, michigan. where they make the breakfast food. congratulations. meanwhile, congress continues to be deadlocked over a debt deal. now one prominent republican dismissing rival plans put forth by speaker boehner and senate majority leader harry reid. senator jim demint joins us live right now from capitol hill. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, steve. >> so you don't like the boehner bill. you don't like the reid bill. you like what? >> cut, cap and balance. there's only one plan, steve, that fixes the problem in the short term and solves our crisis but also puts the country on a path towards a balanced budget. so i'm really tired of business as usual. these other plans just kick the can down the road. they don't really cut anything
4:53 am
next year and we need to get more serious. the debt is the problem. not the debt ceiling. so i think we need to begin to turn the country back away from this fiscal cliff. >> but the cut, cap and balance isn't on the table right now. i know they passed it in the house. heading over for your chamber but harry reid said, not going to do it. i'm going to table that so it's in limbo right now. >> well, it's really outrageous, the only plan that solves the problem didn't even get an hour's debate in the senate but since the president hasn't offered a plan and the reid plan is not going anywhere in the senate, we need to continue to discuss the only plan that could solve the problem. we're willing to negotiate with the president on how much to cut, what those caps could be, what type of balanced budget he wants. we could debate and add amendments if the senate wants to add tax increases, let him try. but we don't need anymore behind closed doors grand deals, steve. we need to involve america with
4:54 am
this. and let people know what we really think. >> well, it looks like it's heading to the 11th hour. you think the president of the united states wants a crisis? >> every evidence suggests he does. the biden working group seemed to just burn up the clock and push us against a deadline. i think the president would like to blame republicans for the economy that he's made much, much worse. so i think a lot of this is politics and i believe the plans that we're hearing talked about now are political solutions. but the only problem -- the only plan that solves our problem is cut, cap and balance so i don't want to give up on it and go back to business as usual. >> right, but with all due respect right now, the only plan on the table that's being actively considered is the boehner bill. they got to redo the numbers because of a little boo-boo on estimates. i know you don't like it but paul ryan has come out. he said it's not perfect but i'm behind it. i want to read you something from "the wall street journal"
4:55 am
today, they say -- on the editorial page, if conservatives defeat the boehner bill, they will not only undermine the house majority, they'll go far to re-electing mr. obama and making the entitlement state that much harder to reform. what do you say to "wall street journal"? >> well, they're usually right but they're not right on this. and this is not about who gets the blame. i mean, i've seen that over the last 10 years. it's just political posturing. we need to solve the real problem, steve, and this debt is a real problem. the boehner plan, the reid plan, they don't solve the problem. they don't even cut anything next year that is serious at all. i don't think americans are going to buy it so we have a plan that is serious and the fact that the president is laughing at the idea of balancing the budget should frighten every american. so i think we need to continue to fight for what's the right solution, not just the political solution. >> one of the things the president said the other day was folks, call your congressman. your phone has been ringing off
4:56 am
the hook. what are they telling you? >> well, they're telling me to keep fighting. and it's the same thing i hear all over the country is don't cave in. keep fighting for the right solution here. and we need to do that. i mean, they're trying to kick the can down the road until next year. without solving the problem. i'm not sure we can go much further or borrow much more money. standard & poor's and moody's have told us, if we raise the debt limit without credible, long term deficit reduction, they're going to downgrade us. so the reid proposal, the boehner proposal, we will get downgraded. i don't think we can afford to lose our triple a rating. >> absolutely not. senator jim demint joining us from what is, perhaps, the noiseiest room in washington, d.c. thank you, sir, for joining us live. >> thank you. >> hear something backing up. you hear some sirens in the background. nonetheless, moving on. the mainstream media was quick to paint the norway terror suspect as a crazy person and christian extremist.
4:57 am
forget the facts. what are they trying to say? well, laura ingraham weighs in on that coming up next. and the last time denise richards was here, it was the morning after her ex, charlie sheen's epic hotel meltdown. this morning she's back on "fox & friends." what will happen now? [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. my name is lacey calvert and i'm a yoga instructor. if i have any soreness, i'm not going to be able to do my job. but once i take advil, i'm able to finish out strong. it really works! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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♪ i like dat, all right [ male announcer ] mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...or a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, and it's july 27. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. is president obama losing control of the debt debate? >> he pounds the table, he gets angry at press conferences and thinks he's making an impact and showing leadership and he's doing everything but that, unfortunately. >> gretchen: laura ingraham will weigh in moments away. >> steve: meanwhile, her little boy was killed by a driver who is admitting he was drinking at the time. but it was the boy's mom who was convicted in his death. that mother is live here this hour. >> brian: on live tv, anything goes, just ask this reporter. >> as well as the owner of this home apparently outside -- hey,
5:01 am
hey! >> brian: why an angry viewer attacked. why an anchor appeared. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: when you're on live tv out in the field, you never know what's going to happen. one time i was covering a st. patrick's day parade a guy stood behind me and poured a beer over my head. my hair smell terrific. it had more body than it ever had before. >> brian: you sat there, your hair got body and body on tap was born, the shampoo, remember body on tap? >> brian, you're fired. >> steve: it could be a good idea. >> brian: for a decade we smelled like ringgold. >> gretchen: we used to wash our
5:02 am
hair with gold in the rain. >> brian: why? >> it was messy to do beer inside your house. >> brian: 'cause you wanted to pour it on your head? >> gretchen: yeah, exactly. >> brian: we'll find out if laura ingraham poured a beer on her head. >> gretchen: let's do some other headlines. first we have a big development overnight. the mayor of kandahar is dead, assassinated by a bomber. the taliban claiming the murder. he detonateed explosives hidden in his turban. he's the latest ranking official there. he was considered a replacement for hamid karzai's half brother who was gunned down two weeks ago. a law to help first responders will not apply to people with cancer. a new government study says there is an insufficient link between toxins at ground zero and documented cancer cases. well, that is not sitting well with many people. >> i think 53 funerals.
5:03 am
51 of them will be caused by the person dying of cancer. don't tell me cancer shouldn't be added to this bill. >> gretchen: so the government will do another study on cancer cases next year. neighborhoods in western massachusetts cleaning up after violent storms tore through the area overnight. a motorcyclist was killed when he crashed into a fallen tree. other towns were hit by tornadoes that uprooted trees, downed power lines and flooded streets. the area still recovering from last month's twisters. watch this. a reporter trying to do a live report. attacked on television during that report. >> as well as the owner of this home apparently outside -- hey, hey! i'm getting hit! hey! >> gretchen: the reporter -- >> let's get off that shot. we're going to make sure he's okay. >> gretchen: that was the anchor there making sure he was okay, that guy there. the reporter and video journalist from our fox
5:04 am
affiliate in philly. they were outside the home of a man charged with animal cruelty. the man's son lunged at them. he was arrested. the journalists are okay and they finished the live report. those are your headlines. >> brian: walter reed army hospital is closing its doors and the flag that hangs over the facility is being retired. steve centanni is at the hospital. >> for 102 years, our wounded warriors came back to this campus in washington, d.c. to begin the often very difficult task of beginning to get their lives back together. that's all going to end. this campus will close down, they'll move to a new facility. let's look at some historic pictures that are very instructive. all this began in 1909 right here. the hospital opened its doors, it served veterans from world war 1, world war ii, korea, vietnam and up to the present day, 18,000 iraq and afghanistan soldiers as well. the original building, 1909, was
5:05 am
soon surrounded by a whole complex, 100-acre complex of medical buildings that survives to this day and will be handed over to the city of dc and the state department. the presidents came here for treatment, though they haven't in recent years. in 1960, richard nixon, before he was president, when he was actually a candidate, came here for the treatment of a bacterial infection and you see lyndon johnson coming to visit him. the head of the health care system here at walter reed says it's going to be a bittersweet event today. let's listen. >> walter reed is an icon. you go any place in the world and talk to anyone in the military and even if they can't speak english, you say the words walter reed and they know exactly what you're talking about. so a true iconic status. >> that will end for this facility. but it continues a few miles away in bethesda, maryland where the new medical center will be opening today. a ceremony at 10:00 o'clock with staff and former patients as
5:06 am
they retire the flag, making this no longer an active military installation. back to you guys. >> steve: all right. steve, north of the capitol in washington, we thank you very much. let's bring in laura ingraham who has got the great book burning up the charts. good morning to you, laura. >> hey, guys. great to see you. >> steve: great to have you. we should start with the first question. have you ever washed your hair in beer? >> gretchen, beer, eggs, lemon juice, all of that. we did all that stuff in high school. it was supposed to work and made your hair greasy. >> gretchen: exactly. the lemon juice was supposed to make us blonder. >> right. we found other ways. >> gretchen: thanks for outing yourself. let's go back to the debate that's going on on capitol hill, hard to get away from that one right now. as you recall, obama came out, the president, and gave a prime time speech monday night. some people are questioning that now and wondering whether or not that was the right move. let's listen to senator chambliss on president obama.
5:07 am
>> he pounds the table, he gets angry at press conferences and thinks he's making an impact and showing leadership and he's doing everything but that, unfortunately. >> steve: yeah. so i talked to an independent yesterday who said, i watched it. he jumped the shark. he had nothing to say. he's desperate. what do you think? >> that's an insult to fonzi, the iconic jump through the ocean over the shark. come on. that was actually interesting to watch compared to the press conference. look, the president's own press secretary yesterday, jay carney, was incredulous that reporters were asking him about a plan. what is obama's plan? well, you mean we have to commit it to paper? yeah, we do have to commit it to paper. i think you guys touched on it, even democrats, independents, are saying okay. you're leaving it to us to slog through the details, we need a little bit of leadership early on and i think even some democrats are questioning now the approach of hitting health
5:08 am
care first, the stimulus first, and piling on all this debt when these problems were looming on the horizon for america for many years. >> gretchen: isn't this a strait jesus christ laura, obviously, to not put anything on paper because then you actually have to stand up to what you put on paper? >> yeah. i think you're right. i think the strategy backfired because regardless of what you think about harry reid or even john boehner, people are criticizing both of them, they had the courage to put something down and to forge forward with a plan and a blueprint, the same can be said about paul ryan. remember the other press conference where the president looked down at paul ryan and dismissed his plan in a most cavalier and i thought unprofessional manner. now paul ryan, i think, is looking the most honest of the group and trying to tackle these entitlements. >> brian: like sugar ray leonard said if we fight, it will be like fort knox, but we're not, so i'm going to run.
5:09 am
let's talk about norway. the horrific terrorist attack and that gunman and the quick look at -- looking at him and the media seems to express that he is not islamic and they quickly label him christian when there is nothing religious about his approach. were you surprised at that? >> no. i wasn't. the "new york times" headline, the day after that horrible attack, it did jump out of the page at me, christian extremist, because i don't recall the islamic extremist label being used at all by main stream media. we did a quick search on our radio show and couldn't find one from the "washington post" or "new york times." so look, obviously this guy, obviously a beast and an evil person and twisted, we'll find out. the idea that in any way he represents any main stream or even fringe sentiment in the christian community is
5:10 am
ridiculous and absurd and the glee seems to have come through in some of these headlines. >> gretchen: it's interesting to look at the headlines and well put that you looked into that because we did, too. look at the difference. the "new york times" headline on sunday said, as horrors emerge, norway charges christian extremists. on the fort hood shooter on november 8, 2009, said this, complications grow for muslims serving in u.s. military! if you read that headline, you would think, wow, maybe muslims in the military are facing some sort of discrimination or something, when, in fact, what happened was 12 people were gunned down! >> invariably after an islamic attack on whether it was the arkansas recruiting station, the fort dix six, fort hood or the underwear bomber, the headlines are always about how we need to be incredibly sensitive in dealing with the muslim community and it's important for all of us to know that this is a religion of peace and law abiding muslims decry this, and
5:11 am
yet with this isolated attack by a man who wants to purge a year of muslim influence somehow we're supposed to take out some grand meaning. i know sally quinn got into this on "the o'reilly factor" and i'll be talking to her tonight, it's very predictable. >> steve: let's talk about this, speaking of religion. out of the ashes of the world trade center they found these two beams that look like a cross right there. they want to have it down at the 9-11 memorial site. the american atheists say the cross is ridiculous and we're going to put up a quote of what they're saying is you can't put it up. >> gretchen: they're suing them. what do you think? >> again, whether it's the criticism of how we treat christmas or some ridiculous billboard that will go up before easter time, invariably if something even borderline related to faith emerges in the public square, you can bet your bottom dollar that a grumpy,
5:12 am
malcontent atheist will make a complete fool out of himself or herself and file a lawsuit. i think what it does in my mind is that it should give impotence to people across this country to stand up proudly for what you believe in and if you don't do that, then guess what? the people will proceed with impunity to make pains in the rear ends of themselves on these issues and cow the people who really do believe that this is an important part of our life and this is an iconic symbol is that emerged from the rubble and since most of us are people of faith, then we should be able to have our moment and our symbol as well. so i hope people speak up and again, prevail in this debate. >> steve: i hope you're right. laura ingraham with a brand-new book, check it out. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, her little boy was killed by a driver who admitted he was drinking. but since mom was jay walking, she is charged with a crime. that mom here next live. >> gretchen: the last time
5:13 am
denise richards was on our show, it was the night of charlie sheen's meltdown. how did she tell her kids? this morning, denise is back on "fox & friends." >> brian: she's got a book. it's great! ♪ [ upbeat ] [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients alsoound in mother milk. purina puppy chow. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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5:16 am
>> gretchen: a driver who admitted drinking, hit and killed her four-year-old boy, a.j. but she could get more time behind bars than the man who actually killed her son because she was jay walking when her child was struck. she has already been sentenced to 12 months probation, but given now the option of a new trial. >> brian: we talked about this yesterday. joining us right now is that mother herself, raquel nelson, here on our couch to talk about her son and your legal woes which seem outrageous.
5:17 am
so sorry for your loss. could you reconstruct, if you would, the night that led to this incident? >> yes, i can. we were celebrating birthdays and just so happens we had missed the bus and they run on a saturday that we were out, about every hour to hour and a half on a saturday. so we just missed one and i had to wait for a little while and by the time i had gotten home, it was dark. >> brian: you wanted to get home as quick as possible? >> yes. >> gretchen: you were with your three children. >> correct. >> gretchen: including your son, a.j.? >> yes. >> gretchen: instead of going to the cross walk, you went across the road here. the drunk driver came and hit your son. >> correct. all three of us got hit, except for my oldest, yes. >> gretchen: your four-year-old, unfortunately was killed. >> yes. >> gretchen: and the drunk
5:18 am
driver, what kind of penalty did he face? >> i believe he got 6 1/2 months time served. the rest of that, four-year probation, and like a $5,000 fine maybe. >> brian: he has a history, this guy? >> he does. >> brian: still, so he's out and then all of a sudden, it turns out you're going to be charged for jaywalking. what's your reaction when you heard that? >> it was scary. it was quite scary, to say the least. >> brian: the trial takes place, you go through it and you're convicted. >> scarier. >> gretchen: one of the things i read was that no member of the jury was used to taking a bus. do you think that weighed in on that they didn't understand maybe the situation that you were in that night? >> well, everything in life is
5:19 am
relative. if you haven't been there, you haven't experienced it up close and personal, it's hard to empathize with the situation as hard as you try sometimes. i do believe that was one of the cases. >> brian: this is outrageous. what was the sentence and now you have an additional option, correct? >> yes. the sentence was if i'm not mistaken, 'cause i had three charges. what they did is they combined two of them. i was told that it was 12 months for both charges for probation to run concurrently, 40 hours of community service, which was to speak on child safety, and i believe that was it. however, the judge went ahead and granted a new trial, which i believe is something that you have to file for. >> gretchen: you're still making that decision about what you want to do. i want to talk to you about what kind of response you've gotten from the community. a lot of our e-mailers to the show are appalled that you would
5:20 am
go through losing your son and then go through another situation like this. what has been the reaction? >> the reaction, it's overwhelming, from what i understand. i haven't seen anything on the news or heard anything on the radio, but i've seen it on-line and i know there was a petition that really only needed 10,000 signatures and they wound up with maybe about almost close to 200,000 signatures and there is another one for replacement of crosswalks, which had an overwhelming amount of signatures. it's been overwhelming and fantastic for the support. >> brian: count on our support and we would like to know when you make a decision. let's see if we can get this right. >> gretchen: raquel, thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> gretchen: next on our rundown, how is this for a shared compromise? >> it's dead on arrival in the
5:21 am
senate. >> gretchen: harry reid not interested in balance. our political panel weighs in on the latest in the debt debate next. >> brian: he was stuck in a sewer face down nearly an hour. we'll give you that story. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now.
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5:24 am
>> brian: today a congressional panel will have tough questions for credit agencies that threatened to lower america's top notch credit rating. executives from moody's and standard and poors have warned if the u.s. defaults on its loans, our credit rating could take a hit. the bidding for an exclusive interview with casey anthony is at 1 1/2 million dollars. the offer apparently not coming from abc. the network announcing it's no longer paying for interviews. they were criticized for paying her family $200,000 for photos back in 2008. steve? >> steve: brian, the debt limit
5:25 am
debate still in a stand-off now. john boehner reworking his bill to search for even more cuts. with only a week or less to go before default, democrats are pointing the finger at the tea party for the current stalemate. >> speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise. it was written for the tea party, not the american people. democrats will not vote for it. democrats will not vote for it. democrats will not vote for it. it's dead on arrival in the senate. >> steve: so why is the tea party being singled out in the debt debate? our political panel is here to debate. jackie, michael, a pollster and advisor to no labels, and brad is an author. his book is son sale now, number 13 on amazon. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: so the tea party has been labeled extremists during
5:26 am
this debt debate and brad, you are a member of the tea party. >> i am a member, a proud member! >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, does this look like a crazy person? >> listen, america ought to be thanking the tea party. the reason we're talking about spending is because of the tea party. the left can't exist without a boogie man to say, oh, they're so bad, but look at us. we're reasonable. this is a false premise here that the tea party is being extreme. it's just not true. >> steve: jackie, what do you think? >> one thing i would like to say is that i'm a member of the antiparty, which is about what 40% of the country is today. the american people don't like partisanship and they don't like parties increasingly, that's why 38 to 40% have less the political parties and a system which is sodom nateed by democrats and republicans. they don't like the tone of the debate and they don't like the direction that our politics are going in this country. that's what they want to see changed. >> steve: michael? >> my group is no and we don't believe in labels.
5:27 am
we believe in ideas oriolology. we're looking for solutions. both are right. we want to get the dialogue moving, but we want to find a solution. >> steve: jackie, there is no middle ground, it seems. >> there is no middle ground. i think that's such an important point. >> steve: because the president the other day said look, boehner's bill shows up here, i'm going to veto it. >> there is no middle ground, but there is a way to bring americans together, american structural political reform. the parties have the system hard wired and partisan advantage will trump every other issue every single time. i think the president, frankly, is trying to play at the center when there is no center. what he needs to do if he wants to connect with independent voters is make a strong stand around structural political reform issues, independents will join with him if he does that. >> steve: that's interesting. brad, as a member of the tea party, we heard from a number of tea party people, they cannot support the boehner bill, but you do. >> actually no. i looked at this thing last
5:28 am
night. when boehner came up short on the numbers, just like with the 2011 budget. we're fighting over sleeping pills with boehner here. this is ridiculous. this thing about if we default, if somehow we don't reach this august 2 date there is going to be a default, the credit rating has nothing to do with this august 2 date. boehner already -- we've gone from the republicans being the party of no to the republicans being the party of no, then how about this? cut, cap and balance is what is going to secure our credit rating. this new boehner plan isn't. we can't keep throwing these things out there. >> i think what americans want is to get the economy back on track. of course they want the deficit to be reduced and of course they want jobs and this fight something not what america is about. america is about solutions, not conflict. >> steve: we want a solution quickly, but there is some conflict currently. jackie and michael and brad, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: the president keeps reminding you we're doomed if we don't raise the debt ceiling. but behind closed doors, it seems to be a much different story.
5:29 am
wait until you hear what charles gasparino has uncovered. he was stuck in a sewer face down for an hour. why are people taking pictures instead of pulling the guy out? then denise richards opening up about herself, her kids, and how she told them about their dad. she sits down with us coming up next.  [ dave ] take any surface and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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5:33 am
>> tim pawlenty accused president obama of hiding in the basement during debt ceiling talks. joe biden accused president obama of locking him in the basement during debt ceiling talks. >> gretchen: we haven't seen him for a while, have we? >> brian: no. >> gretchen: where are you? president obama continues to tell the american people that the u.s. is going to default if there is no deal on the debt limit by next tuesday, which is august 2. >> brian: now there is word he's telling banks a different story. "fox business" network's charles gasparino is here with more. >> we broke the story on the "fox business" network a couple days ago. it's his people, it's not exactly him. but if you think about it, there is a lot of people in the administration who used to work on wall street. bill daley, his chief of staff. so basically what they're doing, there is contact, they're putting out the word that
5:34 am
default isn't a real possibility. that listen, at some point they'll work something out and even if we run out of money or run out of all the bills, debt service, is just a percentage of the overall money -- we don't have enough money to pay all our bills, but debt service is $200 billion a year. we take in $2 trillion a year. we should not have to default. they're putting out the word that a lot of this is rhetoric. you heard on chris wallace, he said, we're not going to default. he doesn't give this sort of nuts and bolts of how to -- >> steve: a week or two ago when he was on "60 minutes" and the president said, i don't know if we'll be aer able to -- able to pay grandma's social security. that's different than what they're telling wall street. >> if we default on our bonds, this is what's going to happen. it's not going to go to aa, it will go to d. if it goes to d, our bond
5:35 am
rating, then all hell breaks loose. it's very complicated in some respects. not just that we pay higher interest rates. there is all these bonds transactions floating around. they will implode. this could be worst than what happened in 2000. is the president going to risk that? listen, whether you like him or not, he has an ambitious social agenda. we're going to be running deficits no matter what, even if we get a handle around it. does he want it -- >> brian: it doesn't work to his advantage. >> gretchen: charles, thanks for sharing your sources with us. >> i didn't tell you my sources. >> gretchen: no, your source information, i hadn't. >> steve: thanks. the race already on for congressman david wu, the oregon democrat announced he will resign over a sex scandal with an 18-year-old girl. but he won't call it quits until after they vote on the debt debate. special election will be held, two democrats already entered the race, but the gop says a
5:36 am
republican could win because wu's crazy behavior, like wearing this tiger costume, could turn democratic voters away. >> gretchen: you might be mad at this story, another insult for the families of the 270 people killed in the lockerbie bombing. megrahi, the libyan terrorist convicted of blowing up pan am flight 103, he was appearing on libyan tv last night at a pro-gadhafi rally. he was allegedly dying of cancer and that's why he was freed from a scottish prison. but that was two years ago. he served only seven years of his 27-year sentence and there he is, alive and well. >> brian: sadly. a man who got trapped head first in a storm drain, not mad at himself for getting stuck, he's upset with police. he says they took photos of him instead of calling for help. he got stuck after gang members beat him up and threw his cell phone down the drain. he was upside down for 40 minutes before a neighbor called
5:37 am
for help. >> disappointed in the police department for not having me get medical treatment. i woke up at my mom's and i still didn't know this happened until i started hearing things about it. like i don't remember me being in the drain at all. >> brian: that's why they have pictures. police say he refused medical attention at the scene. >> steve: denise richards became a tabloid target this year after her ex-husband, charlie sheen, had a very public meltdown. but through it all, she stayed focused on her family and her career. and just recently denise even adopted a baby girl. she candidly chronicles the ups and downs in her memoir called "the real girl next door" and the she's on the curvy couch, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> congratulations on the new baby. >> thank you. >> brian: two-year process. what made you say, instead of meeting the right guy, i'm going to go ahead and adopt because you know you love motherhood. how tough was that decision? >> i had to make that decision, do i wait for the right partner or keep moving forward with my
5:38 am
life? i wanted -- always wanted more children. so i decided to do it on my own. >> gretchen: you even consulted with your mom who, unfortunately passed away from cancer in the last couple of years. but this was something you've been thinking about for quite some time. what did she say? >> my mom was very supportive and knows how much i love being a mother. after she died, i waited to start the process because i was mourning her and going through some other things. so i wanted to wait until i was in a good place to start the process. >> steve: let's talk a little about your ex-guy, charlie sheen last time you were hear we talked about some of his crazy behavior. but now it looks like he's got a new job on a sitcom, "anger management ," or something like that. what are you hearing? >> about what? >> steve: just about what he's up to, how he's doing. >> he's doing great. i talk to him quite often. we're in a good place. i'm thrilled for him that he's got the show and i think if anyone can make a comeback, it's
5:39 am
him. >> brian: i was struck, too, by the charlie sheen you met and you got engaged to and the happiness that he showed after you said -- you chronicle in your book, you talk about him being a totally different guy. you said, you were the more spontaneous one, you were the one flying by the seat of your pants, he didn't want to roll with the punches. he balanced you out. so that was a different guy. this must be extremely tough for you to see him now. >> well, we've been divorced for over six years and there is a reason couples get divorced. so the man that i fell in love with is very different from what we've all seen because a lot of people always ask me, how could you have married, this and that. but i fell in love with a different person than everyone has seen and gotten to know in the last six months. >> gretchen: the real girl next door, i love the title, because you've given viewers the opportunity to see your real life through your reality show
5:40 am
as well. now in the book, you really don't focus so much on your relationship with charlie. you focus more about how you got to hollywood. >> it's a balance of both. it's a memoir, so i look back from childhood to present. i definitely -- i think a lot of people are surprised i get into our courtship and i mention a lot of very fond memories with charlie and as far as our divorce, i do get into that, but i talk more about how i felt. i think that people can result to that -- relate to that. it's very devastating. >> brian: the career you chose was a tough one. modeling and then acting. you talk about you had to wait for the call. you said two things you really now trust yourself more. number one, you took the risk, and you went and did the reality show. so you took action and you made something happen. that was key. then writing the book. >> i couldn't get a job when i did my reality show. i had so much negative attention around me and if i was in a different business, i could leave my personal life at home, but it affected my work.
5:41 am
so i needed to take a job and a paycheck. i'm grateful that i was able to do that show and the book. a lot of people ask me how i got through that time. this isn't about me trying to tell my side of the story or change perception. it's hopefully to give someone hope who is going through something similar that i did. >> gretchen: why are you holding a toothbrush? >> it's just -- we wanted something a little humorruss on the cover. i didn't want to do something too serious. >> brian: and you've got great teeth. >> thank you. >> gretchen: maybe you floss every day, too. >> i do. >> brian: did denise richards have braces? >> i did. >> brian: you did? oh, my goodness. >> gretchen: they look good now. >> thank you. >> steve: the book is called "the real girl next door." thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: you ever get a headache so strong you can barely function? a medical breakthrough that can make them go away. you don't want to miss it. >> steve: if the economy stays this bad, will president obama be the next president jimmy
5:42 am
carter? our next guest says you betcha. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>> brian: is he becoming the president of no? president obama's recent move signaled departure from reconciliation on a debt deal. now many are questioning if he's really focused on a financial fix or just his reelection. >> i know the president is worried about his next election. my god, shouldn't he be worried about the country? >> brian: dr. larry sabito joins us this morning. did the president think he would be in this spot? is this the way he, in your mind, game planned this out? >> absolutely not. he didn't see this coming on the
5:46 am
debt. he didn't see it coming on the economy. remember, all of his advisors were telling him that the economy would be in full recovery mode about now and that he would be moving into an election year pretty much like bill clinton did, with the economy bouncing back after a long near recessionary period. well, it's not happening. if anything, the economy is staying the same or maybe even deteriorating. so this debt limit controversy is really underlining the weakness of any president and this president in particular, in bad times. you can't get much done when times are bad. >> brian: well, he played his big card and that is talking to the american people with his communication skills and the relationship he feels he has with the american people and he did that on monday night. he wanted to light up the phones in washington, d.c does that tactic work? does it work here? >> well, sometimes it can work, but it certainly didn't work this time. like everybody else, i was mystified as to why he spoke to
5:47 am
the country monday night. i still haven't figured it out. if it was to cause an avalanche of calls and e-mails to capitol hill, well, it may have happened, but here is the problem with that technique: have you listened to what every senator and congressman has said since yesterday? they said yeah, my mine is lit up. my e-mail was full and people were telling me to hang tough. stick to my principles. we have no way to check what people actually said and therefore, i think the effect was null and void. >> brian: jimmy carter had big plans and it didn't work out in almost every aspect of those plans, except for in his mind, if you ask him today. is he -- is president obama in danger of being cauterized? >> yes. that's an adjective i've used repeatedly. look, there are only two modern presidents for democratic incumbents like obama. either he's going to be another bill clinton, that is being
5:48 am
lucky enough to run in a good year for the economy when things appear to be better and people will reelect you on account of that, or he's going to be another jimmy carter who had -- may have had bad policies, but he also had bad luck, brian. he ran in a horrible year, two recessions close to the election time, and look, it's possible that could happen to obama. >> brian: right. we're going to see how this plays out because as you mentioned in the break, it seems right now the leverage is with the republicans. we'll see if the president can somehow get it back. thank you for joining us on your summer vacation where you're usually life guarding. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: straight ahead, ever get a headache so strong you can barely function? a medical breakthrough that makes it all go away. first, let's check in with bill hemmer who gives martha mccallum a headache on a daily basis to find out what's on his show. >> what else am i good for? >> brian: i'm not sure. >> the heat is on, you know that
5:49 am
already. senator ken conrad on why he is nervous. senator lindsey graham and why he will not support a certain republican plan. the white house says we might be headed for a depression. six days, america. also can ohio opt out of the new health care law? it will try. we'll tell you how and the judge in the casey anthony makes a stunning decision about the jury. we'll see you in 11 minutes on "america's newsroom." from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach
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>> steve: time for quick led lines. dunkin' donuts stock going public. they plan to move in on starbucks' turf, opening a slew of franchises on the west coast. a north carolina family hits its third lottery jackpot. kimberly just scored 100 grand
5:53 am
in a scratch-off game. her mom won 160 grand four years ago and also 15 1/2 million dollars in 1991. gretch, over to you. >> gretchen: nearly one in four u.s. households include someone who suffers migraines, chronic, severe, and sometimes debilitating headaches. our next guest says he has a breakthrough treatment and he's brought a patient with him who says it works. dr. reed is a developer and inventer of 4 lead neuro stimulation treatment, medical director and cit is one of his -- kim is one of his patients. good to see you. >> hi. >> gretchen: this is a new technology, so many people suffer from migraines, how did you come up with a fix? >> it's a development of something we've even done before. we originated a procedure somewhat like this back in the 1990s, but about four years ago, we felt that it would work best for migraine headaches if we would apply what we term a four leaf system to certain nerves in
5:54 am
the head. here is the little device that we implant under the skin over the eyebrows. kim has it in. when it's turned on, the patient feels just a very mild tingling sensation in their forehead and back of their head and from certain mechanisms it effectively stops the migraine from happening. >> gretchen: it's amazing because kim, you said they were so debilitating, you could no longer go to college. >> right. the year leading up to the surgery i had taken a medical leave from the university that i was at in colorado. 20 years old, had to move home, couldn't work, couldn't attend class. the days it was real bad, i just laid in the dark and stayed in bed. >> gretchen: so if we look closely at your forehead, we can see the two wires that come down here in a diagonal fashion. they go behind your head and then you have also like a connector pack on your hip, which basically turns off or on
5:55 am
the system. right? >> yes. there is two wires. one right here in the forehead and they go around the side and up the back. then they all connect in the back and run to a battery in the hip. it's under the skin, you can't see it. i really have to point it out to people in order for them to even see the wires. you won't even know it was there. >> gretchen: she says that she doesn't have her system on 24/7, although you could. if she starts to feel the effects of a headache coming on, she can just turn on the device? >> she simply turns it on. she has a remote control, very similar to a tv set remote control. she can just turn it on, she'll feel the tingling and it goes away. often the patients will leave it on 24/7. most of the patients who are suffering from severe, daily headaches, so when they turn it on, they tend just to leave it on, which makes it fairly easy. there is not a lot of fuss or mess with this system. it tends to help either way, off and on or on all the time. >> gretchen: how has this
5:56 am
changed your life? >> now i am back at school. i graduate in december. i work. i never thought i'd be able to finish one let alone do both at the same time. i'm a very outdoorsy person. i can snow ski again, i can water ski. i have a social life again and not living at home. it's been wonderful. now for the first time since really i was 12 years old, i have control over my headaches and they don't have control over me. >> gretchen: doctor, so far people can find this treatment in dallas and houston and those areas, they can learn more by going to your link which we'll link to fox >> yes. >> gretchen: thank you for sharing your story with us. continued success to both of you >> thank you.
5:57 am
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